Business structure considerations in an international business expansion

There is no legal definition of the word “offshore” and it simply means anywhere else apart from a person or an entity’s own country. There is a myriad of reasons why an offshore structure is sought. In many cases, high net worth individuals will make use of offshore structures as an integral part of an

Restrictions on foreign investment

Many countries impose restrictions on inward foreign investment as part of their foreign investment policy. Typically, restrictions are imposed on two types of foreign investments: foreign equity in an enterprise established in the country; and foreign direct investments in particular sectors of the economy of the country – usually transport, communications, real estate, finance and

Foreign business or branch office registration overseas

If you are intending to expand overseas, you may be required to register your business in certain jurisdictions for a variety of reasons, such as: a business intending to carry on trading activities; a business intending to establish a branch or share transfer office; a business that has indirect taxation obligations, eg, VAT and/or sales