Franchising, Licensing and Distribution

Inveiss Legal provides expert legal advice in all matters relating to franchising for both the franchisee and the franchisor, and to issues involved in business licensing and distribution for the licensee or distributor and the business. We are able to deal with complex franchise, licensing and distribution issues across a broad spectrum of events ranging from regulatory matters to implementation of a national and international business system.

Inveiss Legal’s services include:

Advice on distribution structures including franchise, licensing, agency, distributor or dealer networks
Advice on protection of tangible and intangible assets including intellectual property, brand and trade marks
Advice on fundraising including capital markets, IPOs and listing;
Advice on international expansion and overseas investment incentives
Compliance with the Franchising Code of Conduct
Compliance with competition and consumer legislation, ACCC and ASIC requirements
Commercial leasing, property and insurance issues
Dispute resolution and commercial litigation between the business and its franchisee or licensee/distributor
Drafting and preparation of all franchising documents including franchise agreement, disclosure documents and more
Drafting and preparation of business licensing, distribution or agency agreements
Tax advice and tax minimisation avenues

Your brand needs to be effectively communicated and preserved when licensing it to a third party. Our legal team can help prepare franchising, licensing and distribution agreements that will develop successful business relationships and grow your business.

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