Data Protection and Privacy Law

Inveiss Legal advises businesses and corporations on legal and regulatory obligations relating to personal information, digital content, new media, metadata tracking and data analytics. These areas are becoming increasingly complex as technology becomes more advance, giving rise to many privacy concerns.

Our team advises on:

Advertising and marketing regulations
Collection and dissemination of data
Complexities around Internet of things
Compliance management program for managing data
Data analytics
Data breach crisis management
Drafting, negotiating and reviewing privacy contractual provisions
Freedom of information issues
GDPR (general data protection regulation) laws (EU)
Liaising with privacy regulators
Intellectual property in respect of digital content
Metadata tracking
New media laws
Online storage of information
Payment, AML/KYC and prudential regulations
Protection of personal information
Safe harbour provisions (US)
Spam laws

Managing information properly is a major challenge especially for multi-regional and multi-channelled organisations. Inveiss legal assists organisations with managing the risks involved with privacy and data protection issues.

Balancing the responsibilities of data protection and privacy with the obligations of disclosure and fair processing is an everyday concern for many of our clients. Making sure our clients stay on top of compliance risks and avoid negative consequences, with minimum disruption to business operations, is an integral part of the specialist advice we provide on data protection and privacy law.

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