Corporations Act and ASX Listing Rules

Inveiss Legal utilises a thorough understanding of the Corporations Act and the Australian Securities Exchange Limited (ASX) listing rules to provide practical, commercial and responsive advice to our clients.

The Corporations Act is the primary piece of legislation which regulates the legal requirements of corporations in Australia. The Act covers various types of corporations, shareholder entitlements, duties of directors and officers, issue of shares and other types of securities, disclosure requirements and more.

The ASX listing rules apply to listed entities in Australia and govern the admission and removal of entities on the ASX and the offer of securities to the public including the imposition of disclosure requirements, shareholder approval on major transactions and conduct of listed entities.

Corporate governance

Inveiss Legal works with our clients to establish and maintain a framework for corporate governance and compliance of all requirements under the Corporations Act and ASX listing rules.

We assist private companies in assessing the advantages and disadvantages of listing on the ASX and managing the Initial Public Offering (IPO). We also act for foreign entities considering listing as a way of accessing the Australian market.

We provide advice to shareholders on a range of issues, including:

– trading in securities;
– reporting and disclosure requirements;
– the rights of a minority shareholding with respect to oppressive conduct.

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