Competition and Consumer Law

Inveiss helps our clients to stay ahead by establishing framework for, and assisting in the management of, regulatory obligations and issues in a practical way. Our services cover:

Advice on competition and consumer law
ASIC and ACCC regulator dealings
Compliance management program
Compliance training program

Specific issues

Our team has assisted businesses and corporations in all aspects of competition, consumer protection and compliance issues including:

Advising and acting in respect of ACCC investigations, notifications, prosecutions and immunity arrangements
Dealing with ACCC on merger clearance
Advising on competition law implications of business activities including:
– Misuse of market power, cartels and collusions
– Price fixing and resale price maintenance
– Exclusionary arrangements
– Exclusive dealing and refusals to supply
– Third line forcing
Advising on Australian Consumer Law and statutory warranties
Advising on marketing and distribution practices, unfair practices
Advising on product labelling, country and region of origin and other consumer protection issues
Drafting franchising agreements and disclosures in relation to the Franchising Code of Conduct
Developing and implementing formal compliance programs
Preparing section 87B undertakings to the ACCC
Reviewing and advising on disputes about misleading or deceptive conduct in commercial dealings

All businesses need to be aware of how competition law affects the way they operate within a particular market including what businesses and their competitors can or cannot do and the powers of the ACCC in investigating illegal commercial conduct.

Inveiss’s team works with our clients to implement a practical, yet proactive approach to their competition and consumer law obligations.

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