Commercial Litigation

We assist our clients to achieve commercial outcomes as far as possible so that their attention is focused on growing their business, not on disputes. We help with:

Business disputes
Breach of contract
Contractor disputes
Consumer protection claims
Debt collection
Directors and shareholders disputes
Disputes relating to commercial or business contracts
Employment disputes and Fair Work Commission matters
Family provision claims
Franchise disputes
Insolvency and bankruptcy related claims
Intellectual property infringements
Misleading and deceptive conduct
Negligence claims
Professional misconduct or breach of duty
Rental and lease disputes
Restraint of trade claims
Service disputes
Shareholder disputes

Our approach to providing practical and timely advice has helped Inveiss Legal build a strong reputation in the commercial litigation arena.

Dealing with disputes

Resolving disputes require consideration of all relevant facts, circumstances and evidence available. In the first instance, we review the matter and make an assessment of the following:

Is the dispute caused by one or other party misunderstanding their legal obligations and rights?
What is in the best long term interests of our client?
What is the likely cost of litigation and can it be justified?
What evidence is available to support our client’s position should the matter ultimately have to be determined by a judge?
Is litigation necessary?

Most commercial disputes are settled out of court and often, the act of commencing proceedings against the other party is sufficient to bring the other party to the negotiating table to resolve the dispute.

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