Capital markets, IPOs and fundraising

Companies often look at raising capital when contemplating significant deals or when considering strengthening balance sheets or reduce debt or when desiring to fund future growth ambitions. Companies have a number of fundraising and financing options available to meet their business objectives. The options depend on the size and state of the company, its share circumstances, debt and asset holding and more.

Inveiss works with companies to assist in the decision-making process and ensure that the outcomes desired by each of our clients are met. Our services cover:

Advising on financing options, identifying benefits, strengths, opportunities, risks, threats
Advising on private placements, rights issues, entitlement offers
Advising on MTN programs, convertible bond issues, subordinated debt, securitisation and hybrids
Advising on risks and processes of equity capital markets, debt capital markets, IPOs, listing on ASX
Planning and advising on special investment vehicles
Dealing with regulators
Preparing, drafting and reviewing all documentation including prospectuses, board charters, board committee policies and more

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